Thursday, October 4, 2018

Very Merry Ribbons

For this month's design team project with Happy Little Stampers, the optional theme is "Ribbon", so I dug out an old ribbon stamp set from CTMH and started getting crafty! Sadly, this will be my last post with Happy Little Stampers as my design team tenure there has come to an end, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time with them and love that I got a jump start on my holiday cards!!!

While I wasn't completely thrilled with the end result -hey, they can't ALL be our favorites, right? -I did definitely achieve success incorporating both ribbon stamps and actual ribbon in my design, lol.

In preparation for our upcoming big move several hundred miles away, (Yikes -it's only 6 days away now!!!) my stamp room is more than half packed up and I get very frustrated not having everything right at my finger tips! So I think this will be my last post for awhile...just until I can regroup in my new craft room, in a new state. If you still want to follow along on my crafty adventure, I have been able to post a few cards and/or planner spreads at least once a week on my Instagram account @create.365. See ya on the other side of the move~


  1. Best wishes for the move and all that is involved! And keep track of your holiday cards that you've made so you don't lose them and/or can't find them in time to use for Thanksgiving and Christmas (and maybe Halloween). This rick-rack Christmas card is great! I haven't seen a stamp that looks like rick-rack--too cute!!

  2. Great card. Best wishes for the big move, hope all goes smoothly!

  3. A great card, so cleverly done. I regret that you are leaving the HLS team. It will give us missing you. I also hope that you will happily reach a new place without losing anything on the road. Everything that's best for you, Kathy!

  4. I hope you are getting settled by now, Kathy. The rick rack on your card looks great - a stamp I haven't seen befor.

  5. You made great progress.This is really pretty and good idea on site !