Friday, January 27, 2017

Planner Bling -The beauty is in the details...

While spending some time in planner groups on FaceBook and browsing shops on Etsy as I learn my way around the wonderful world of planning, I have seen several examples of planner "bling"...anything from simple tassels to bejeweled dangles and I find all of them beautifully detailed and inspiring!

So I decided to tackle making one of my own. Since I spent a good bit of time several years back making jewelry, I still have lots of beads and findings left in my craft room stash, so I figured that was a good place to start.

After gathering bits and pieces of things I thought might look nice together, I dug out my tools and got to work...what follows is the result of about 30-45 minutes of my time from start of the gathering to finish of twisting the last of the beaded pins onto the gold dangle chain. The resulting loop is then attached from the inside -to the top ring of the mini 3 ring planner binder.

Wish I would have thought to take a picture of the messy pile of chain, detail spacers, beads, head pins and tools I had on my desk before I got that you could've seen a "before" and "after" picture...but, oh well -enjoy the "after" photos, even if it is hard to capture the brilliance and the sparkle.

Just like in life, I believe the Beauty is in the (little) Details ~ Happy Friday!

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